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Pictures Karosserie Hebmüller Treffen 2014

Pictures Karosserie Hebmüller Treffen 2014

On 23th of August 2014, we visited the 'Karosserie Hebmüller Treffen 2014' and witnessed a stunning  line-up of 21 VW Type 14A’s, also known as ‘Hebmüller cabriolets’, in front of the former factory buildings of Karosserie Hebmüller at Wülfrath, Germany. The result was a great day with fellow enthousiasts and an once in a lifetime shot, which is in fact a remake of a very famous archive picture from the 50s where all VW Type 14A's are lined uf infront of the factory.

Although the company planned to produce many more Type 14A's back in the early 50ies, only 696 vehicles were actually completed. The Hebmüller factory closed for good in 1953 after it had been forced into bankruptcy, a result of financial difficulties after a disastrous fire in 1949, the first year of production. Around 100 cars are still known to exist.

Be sure to check out the 450+ pictures I made and uploaded in the gallery.

Pictures VW Bug Show Spa 2014

Pictures Le Bug Show Spa 2014

On the weekend of 2 & 3 August it was time for the 22nd edition from the VW Bug Show at Spa Francorchamps. We simply love this even, it's definitely one of the best! Great atmosphere, cool people and awesome cars. AirMighty hooked up with the Cool Flo Crew and had a stunning display of show cars on display in 'The Cool Box'! Thanks everyone for stopping by the stand to say hi!
As we where very busy at the stand we only took pictures during the 'Big Parade'. We've uploaded almost 800 pics, so you must be in there somewhere ;) Be sure to check out the pics in the gallery.

Pictures Kever Winter Festijn 2014

Pictures Kever Winter Festijn 2014

Better late than never... here are the pictures from the 'Kever Winter Festijn 2014' pictures that took place in Maastricht NL on the first weekend of January. Be sure to check out the pics in the gallery!

For the 2015 edition they will go back to their old location in 'Autotron, Rosmalen' and there will be a new oragnisation and a new name, the Aircooled Winter Fest. We - AirMighty Megascene, Cool Flo NL and Slammed Clothing - will be putting on a big display of cars, music, lifestyle and bring a relaxed lounge vibe to the show!! So be sure to visit us... still months to prepare, so we can bring you something cool!

Pictures VW Treffen 2013, Mexico

VW Treffen 2013, Mexico

In November 2013 we visited Mexico to have a glimpse of their aircooled VW culture and lifestyle. My friends at Vier-Zylindern in Mexico-City picked me up and showed us around... what a great time we had! We placed a full article about our trip in the AirMighty Megascene #15, be sure to order it and read all about this!
A part of this trip was to participate in the VW Treffen & Track Day event in Puebla, Mexico. It was more than great to see all these beautiful cars. And of course I want to share this with you all, so I uploaded little over 350 pictures of this event, be sure to check them out in the gallery!

Pictures Keverdag Noord-Holland 2014

Pictures Keverdag Noord-Holland 2014

Keverdag in Schagen, Noord-Holland is always a nice local aircooled VW show which we support. Of course we took our aircooler there and check it out. As usual the atmosphere was good, we grabbed some coffee and walked around with the camera in our hands. I just uploaded my 180 pictures that I took in the gallery, be sure to check them out!

Behind the scene, photoshoot '63 beetle

We are working hard on the new AirMighty Megascene issue #12. In this issue we will bring you the full feature of Marc Hänel's 1963 Ragtop Beetle. Here you can check out some sneak behind the scene shots! Be sure to collect this magazine when it's out, it promises to be another good one!

AirMighty Photoshoot of 'The Zombie'

Thanks to Tom Wheatley for editing this awesome movie of 'The Zombie'! This Low Light Ghia Type14 is owned by Vincent Pasquis and we tell you the full story on the upcoming AirMighty Megascene #09!! Be sure to add it to your collection! Now check out this video shot during its AirMighty photoshoot:

AirMighty Megascene #09 Trailer

We are working hard on the new AirMighty Megascene issue #09, here is a small trailer of what to expect! But there is more, way more coming at you, stay tuned and collect them all!

AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove 2012

This year on March 11 it was time for our 5th edition of the 'AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove'. Every year more and more aircooled VWs are joining us and this year a new record was set at 103+ cars! Amazing and what a great sight to see all these cars rollin' to the FreddyFiles in Ninove, Belgium. Check out the 'high-speed' movie I just made gives you a glimpse of this amazing cruise!

Volksworld Show 2012

I just did a quick edit on our trip to and the Volksworld Show 2012. I hope you can appreciate it! Do you want to check out all our movies be sure to click here. And if you haven't seen our Volksworld Show 2012 pictures visit our gallery to check them out... it was a great weekend, so let the movie and pictures speak for itself!

AirMighty visit at 'Flat 4' Tokyo, Japan

Here is a small video of the visit at Flat4 VW Shop in Tokyo! This movie was also at the end of the 'Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show' but I thought it was a good idea to upload it separate from that one as well. So here you go... please like, share and most of all enjoy it! Thanks for watching!

Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show & Flat 4

Okay guys, here is a movie I just made of our trip to Japan. We checked out the 'Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show' and visited the Flat4 VW Shop in Tokyo! We really had a great time and I made way to many pictures which will follow as soon as possible...! But for now, here is our video which will give you an glimpse of what our trip was like! ...and remember, what happens in Tokyo stays in the karaoke bar! ;)

AirMighty at the European Bug-In #4

I went through some "old" material and found several small shots that we made at the European Bug-In #4.
So I thought to edit them... it's nothing special, but I think it's better to share than keep it to myself! Enjoy:

Movie - Three | Five | Six

Check out this awesome THREE | FIVE | SIX video from Stephen Brooks! You can read the full story about this Porsche 356 and other stunning cars in the AirMighty Megascene #06 issue!

European Bug-In #4

Cool atmosphere in this European Bug-In #4 from David Stevens:

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