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Pictures Splits at the Lake 2015

On the weekend of 26-27 September 2015, directly after our vacation, I took my little boy Justin out to the Splits at the Lake / Spijlbustreffen meeting in Nuenen (NL). We spend the night in the Barndoor, first time Justin slept in there and he was looking forward to it, all went well, we had a blast! The weekend itself was perfect with a nice amount of split buses, sun, sand and water which made it perfect for the whole family! Will be back in 2017 for sure! Thanks all!


Pictures Barndoor Campout #4, 2015

Here are my pictures from the Barndoor Campout #4, September 11-13, 2015 in Radcot UK. In September 2015 I drove to the UK to enjoy an nice and relaxed weekend at the Barndoor Campout #4. This isn't the biggest show but a very nice get together with like minded people. Of course we took some pictures be sure to check them out in our gallery, also we will publish a nice full show report in one of the upcoming AirMighty Megascene's.


Pictures Aircooled Winterfest 2016

THANKS EVERYONE for stopping by our stand to have a chat and showed your support again for the new year. We had a great time! We hoped you liked THE COOLROOM, we will def be back again with this concept at the next Aircooled Winterfest edition in 2017! 


Pictures VW Bug Show Spa 2015

We had a good trip over to Spa Francorchamps! First thing we had to do at the VW Bug Show was getting the stand and show-cars ready! Saturday at the VW Bug Show in Spa Francorchamps was a good one. Can't remember seeing it so busy and crowded also during the Big Parade, it was one big aircooled traffic-jam, what a great sight!! Was great to see you all in The Coolbox, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the support!


Pictures AirMighty Carwash Night 2015

What a great night we had during this first edition of our 'AirMighty Carwash Night'! More cars attended to the meeting as I expected and literally hundreds of people enjoyed the show! All the happy faces from all participants and visitors, it was great and we will definitely do this all over again next year!! Thanks to everyone who was there for making this evening as good as it was... what a great atmosphere! :D If you have pictures please feel free to share them with us by putting the links up on the Facebook event page.

We uploaded pictures in our gallery as well. These pictures are shot by Joey van Plateringen, Michiel Nijstad and Marieke and Martijn van Beek! Thanks for this as I myself wasn't in the opportunity to take them! Be sure to check them out and feel free to share them!


Pictures Volksworld Show 2015

Well better late than never right. Here is the full gallery of my pictures from the Volksworld Show 2015. In the AirMighty Megascene #19 you can read all about this show. We uploaded over 790 pictures in our gallery, be sure to check them out and feel free to share them!


Pictures European Bug-In #6 2015

Did we had a blast at the European Bug-In #6 in the weekend of 26-28 June 2015. We drove to the show on Friday morning, after a good trip we arrived in the afternoon to get the stand ready on top of the hill next to the drag-strip. It was already very busy when we arrived, so this promised to be a good weekend. On Saturday morning we started early and opened the stand. In the afternoon we did a quick round on the show-and-shine area and of course checked out some of the drag-race action, this is our son Justin's favorite part, he loves it! In the evening we got back to our cottage for a nice BBQ with friends to get up early again on Sunday morning... Sunday was again a great day, the sun was out and the vibes where good. Thanks everyone who stopped by our stand for the support to the magazine!

We uploaded over 650 pictures in our gallery, be sure to check them out and feel free to share them!


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