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Pictures: Stay Safe Cruise 2020

We uploaded the pictures we took at our start- and stamp-point from the Stay Safe Cruise 2020 in our gallery.

In these Coronavirus times we tried to organise something that was safe and all according to the Dutch COVID-19 rules to bring VW people together in a healthy way. We came up with the concept of the Stay Safe Cruise 2020. This cruise had 3 starting points, no starting time and there where 12 VW shoes in NL and BE that opened their doors for people to stop by and visit. Because the three starting points ad the fact that all participants could choose their own route we didn't had mass of people at the stops, but small groups spread out over the complete day. We can definitely say it was a big success, and who knows we will organize it again.

AirMighty placed it's starting-, stamppoint at our friends from the VW Bus Brothers in Nijkerkerveen. We had a splendid time, was good to see and chat with many likeminded VW guys and girls. And we where happily surprised to even see participants coming from Belgium and Germany even! Here are our pics from our day, on the Facebook Event page you can find more images taken by the shops and visitors!

Pictures: Hebmüller Treffen 2019

We uploaded a couple of unpublished pictures of the Hebmüller Treffen 2019 in our gallery.

In the moring of August 17th 2019 we drove to Meerbusch, near Düsseldorf in Germany for another edition of the Hebmüller Treffen organised by the Hebmueller Registry Team. There was a lot to celebrate that year: not only the 70th birthday of the legendary Type 14a convertible, but Klaus Hebmüller celebrated his 85th birtday too. The Hebmüller Karosseriewerk Company was founded exactly 130 years ago, and it was also the centenary of company founder Joseph Hebmüllers death. Numerous participants came over from all over the world, either driving their cars or bringing them by road on trailers, or even transporting them over by plane from Canada. The previous 2009 world record of 29 VW Hebmüller showing up at Hessisch Oldendorf was only surpassed with the help of the Hebüller Register Team, who summond up an incredible 33 examples of the Type 14a Convertible for the meeting. Amazing, making this a new World Record.

Be sure to read all about this weekend and get all detailed info in the current AirMighty Magazine #37.

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Pictures: Aircooled Winterfest 2020

Lets get back to how it all started, lets start 2020 with another online gallery. My good intention is to keep this up and I will be uploading older galleries in the upcoming weeks on as well! So stay tuned.

Here are the first pictures of this year, the Aircooled Winterfest / Kever Winterfestijn 2020 that took place on the weekend of 4-5 January 2020. Busy times and good to see and speak to a lot of people, too busy to see you all (sorry about that). Thanks all for stoping by the stand and we wish you all a happy new year. We brought out some cool cars to have on display, which we hope you liked to see. Spotted some interesting stuff and tried to capture it on camera again.
Be sure to read the full show-report in the upcoming AirMighty Magazine.

Pictures: Bug-In #41, 2016

On Sunday May 15th, 2016 it was time for the Bug In #41 that took place at the California Speedway in Fontana. It was great to see many US friends there again, Marieke and Justin where enjoying the drag-race action and I was running around taking pics and looking at the cars on the show & shine area.
You can read the full article of this show in the AirMighty Megascene #24… We uploaded over 400+ pictures in our gallery, be sure to check them out.


Pictures: Just Cruizin Cruise Night - May 2016

Before the main event, the Bug In #41 there was another cruise night organized by the Just Cruzin So Cal VW Club. Another fun evening which took place in Burger Town USA, Ontario, CA. A nice display of cars and the clubs vert line up was great to see. You can read the full article on this show in the AirMighty Megascene #24… We uploaded over 125 pictures in our gallery, be sure to check them out.


Pictures: DKP Cruise Night - May 2016

Working on a lot of pictures we shot over the last year. It’s always great too look back, but while doing this we want to share them with you all!
Here are the pics we made during our visit at the DKP Cruise Night in Garden Grove CA last May 2016. We uploaded almost 200 pics in our gallery and you can read the full article on this cruise night in AirMighty Megascene #24. Collect it via our webshop:


Pictures: AirMighty Carwash Night #3

Here are some pictures I took - with my iPhone as my "big" camera died on me - during the 'AirMighty Carwash Night #3' that took place on October 15, 2016. We had a great time with visitors from NL, BE and even the UK. The pancake VW bus was a hit, drinks were served by Eetcafé Fijn and with some music and free Bitterballs we had a very lovely evening! Thanks to all who came and made the evening a succes ...did you miss out, well here are the pictures and we will do this all over again in 2017 for sure!
Be sure to check out the pictures in our gallery and feel free to like, share but most of all enjoy them!


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