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AirMighty Megascene #26 IS OUT!

Oh yes! The new AirMighty Megascene #26 is available trough our webshop as we speak! And it's even 8 pages thicker than usual, meaning a total of 172 pages of aircooled VW passion!
Visit the webshop now - - or visit your local distributor to ask about it. Subscribers magazines will be shipped out this week, so stay tuned!

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La Crewcabracha
Modified in Mexico, this ’61 is
a red-hot chilli Pick-Up.

Higher Standard
Can the man behind this 1950 see
beyond the horizon? Let’s find out.

Chad’s Chaser
The result a lifelong passion for
classic Porsche and Volkswagens.

Work, Restore, Play
Some projects prove a lot more
involved than expected…

GFK Window ‘wagen
The time to represent those
roots of Resto Cal had arrived...

Cal Look Tribute
Recreating a long lost Volkswagen
that ruled the streets.
Essen Motor Show
We visit one of the largest car events
in Germany and leave amazed…

Laufenselden Beetle Treffen
The Käfer-freunde’s (Beetle friends)
gathering in Germany.

Rumours about this event drew
in T2 owners from far and wide.

VW & Porsche Classic Event
KdF-Wagen to 917, Stock to Cal look
all in a fabulous setting.

Split to Slovenia...
...via the scenic route. Erwin Stock
drove his ’66 Panel on an
unforgettable road trip.

Let’s Bug Together
VW owners from 14 countries made
this a truly international event.

Aircooled Winter Fest
The 25th anniversary of the first
event of the Netherlands VW season.

Panscrapers Spanish Show
A Volkswagen fiesta for the disciples
of dubs.

Bugs, Buggies and Buses... the beach. Now this is a really
brilliant setting for a VW meeting.

LA Classic Auto Show
A world-class car show held in
downtown La-La-Land.

Pyrenean mountain mission
10 stock Split Buses head for the
heights and sights.

4,000km Winter VW trial
Cold Balls is what the Swedish
call fun… and they’re not wrong!

...and more!


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