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Car Feature: Dan's 1968 Late Callook Vert

A “topless tanning” late-model Looker

This 1968 Convertible late-model Cal-Looker is the VW that Dan Mazur would have built if he’d had the money back in 1980. Like many VW kids today who were teens during the late-’70s and 1980s, who’re rekindling their love for the Vintage VW, Dan is no exception... After being invited to a DKP meet at Nick’s Burgers and seeing the parking lot overflowing with enthusiasts and old friends from DKK and DKP in 2008 the build was on.

Pictures: Alex Arredondo
Words: Robert “VW Kidd” Velis
Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto | Johnny Tipler
Site Scout: Nelson Umana



> The brown perforated leather together
   with the smooth caramel complements
   the custom mixed light yellow paint!

> The colour is a custom mix. It was mixed up
   to be identical
to Dan’s Beetle he had built over
   30 years ago, they based
it off an old photo!

> Type 1, 2276cc. Fully machined Gene Berg engine case.

> What better car could you think of
   to enjoy if you live close to a beach?

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