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Car Feature: SMOOTH GATE '53 SC

The VW world has gone crazy for Barndoor Buses - the Type 2s built from the start of production in 1950 up to 1955.
Now any 1953 Single Cab is a rare beast, but this one takes rare to another level!

Words: Ivan McCutcheon
Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto
Pictures: Kevin Appl



> This pick up started its life on a farm...
   It was one of the first VW’s sold in
   Canada back in early 1953!

> When VW came up with the single cab
   design in 1952 they had created the
   ultimate work horse!

> Like many Barndoor owners Trevor wanted
   more power
than the original 25hp...
   He’s got about 130 horses packed in the back now!

> Trevor chose for a simple 100%
   as factory delivered interior.

> It doesn’t get much straighter
   than this smooth gate pick up!

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