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Pictures: AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove & Freddy Files 2016

Did we had a great time on our way to and in Ninove on Sunday March 13th. We started to 'AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove' in Hazeldonk at around 10.00 o'clock with 124 aircooled VWs! Along the way our Belgian friends always hook on which made the total cruise about 145 v-dubs long... crazy, but such good fun! No problems what so ever, all went well and we arrived in Ninove for the 19th edition of the Freddy Files at 12.00 o'clock.
Because of the perfect weather it was super busy in Ninove, all parking was full and many visitors came to the city to check it out. I spoke to a lot of people, but missed many of you guys there as well and I didn't even had a chance to see all cars... there where just to many! The AirMighty Choice Award went back to the Netherlands with Arjen Dalebout for his clean Early Bay Sunroof, congrats buddy!
Be sure to check out our pictures in the gallery, we uploaded over 600 from the cruise and the show!


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Pictures: AirMighty 6th Anniversary Birthday Bash

THANKS everyone for making this a great day! Awesome turnout with almost 80 aircooled cars that filled the square to the max. With many vistors who enjoyed the show and eat over 320 butterballs, climbed the tower, watched the movie and enjoyed the good vibes it was a succes! Hereby I would like to thank everyone involved – participants, visitors, sponsors - who made this possible! We hope to see you back on March 5, 2017!


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Pictures: Kieft & Klok Hot Chocolate Party 2016

Last Saturday we visited the Hot Chocolate Party at Kieft & Klok. Always good fun, the sun was out and spoke to a lot of friends again. Missed speaking to many as well as it was so busy... but all in all we had a good time! Thanks to the Kieft & Klok crew for the hospitality and the good vibes.


Pictures: Arnhem Dub-Inn 2015

We had a very nice and autumn-sunny day at the Arnhem Dub-Inn in Arnhem, the Netherlands on October 11, 2015. We saw and spoke to many friends again! Be sure to check out my pictures in the gallery, it's a nice mixture of water- & aircooled V-dubs!


Event: AirMighty 6th Anniversary Birthday Bash

ENG: AirMighty Megascene celebrates its 6th anniversary. We will do this by organising a meeting in the city center of our hometown Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
Parking space is limited! We can only park 80 aircooled VWs on the main square! Full is really full, so please send us an e-mail with your name and a picture of your car to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register and we will let you know if your in!!
Of course your always welcome as a visitor. There are more than enough parking garages in the center. So there is no reason not the be there!

NL: AirMighty Megascene bestaat 6 jaar en dat gaan we vieren. Dit doen we door wederom een meeting te organiseren in het centrum van Amersfoort, de stad waar het allemaal begonnen is!
We hebben beschikking over het Lieve Vrouwekerkhof en hier kunnen we 80 luchtgekoelde VWs parkeren VOL=VOL, we zullen dus met inschrijvingen gaan werken. Wil je aanwezig zijn laat dat dan weten en stuur je naam en een foto van je auto naar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!!
Natuurlijk is zo wie zo iedereen welkom als bezoeker, er zijn meer dan genoeg parkeergarages in het centrum. Dus er is geen reden om niet aanwezig te zijn!

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Pictures: Brighton Breeze 2015

On the morning of October 1st, 2015 we started our journey to Brighton Breeze in the UK. All went well besides our rear brakes... We came to the conclusion that they got really, really hot at some point. We stranded in Ashford where lucky we found out Doug King runs a VW garage called OG Buswerks and man he helped us out like a gent so we could continue the trip! THANKS for all Doug! We are happy that Justin likes traveling as much as we do all went superb and he loved and enjoyed every minute of it! Once we arrived we hooked up with the Grabijn Family, visited the Brighton Pier, did some sight seeing in the centre, grabbed lunch in one of the small streets next to the sea line and found some cool shops on the North Line. Great fun! At the Racecourse my buddy Paul Wisk checked my brakes again, now fixed and double checked. After having diner there we called it a night.

October 3rd, time for the show and what a great day we had at Brighton Breeze! Many many aircooled VWs on the boulevard (about 800!!), the best weather we could ask for and a great bunch of people! I even got a little sunburn! Justin and my girl loved every minute of it. And our friends Pieter and Janie Grabijn even won 'Best of Show' with their beautiful 1955 Westy! To end the day we grabbed some pizza to eat in the van and enjoyed the party with live music and the kids had a laugh. Next day was an early start again to make it to the ferry in time and travel back to NL again which all went well!
Thanks everyone for an awesome weekend, see you again in 2016!


Event: AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove 2016

On Sunday, March 13, it's time for the Freddy Files – Ninove 2016 in Belgium! And of course we will organise the ‘AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove’. This is the 9th edition and it only keeps on growing! Are you going to join us in a convoy from the Netherlands to the old streets of Ninove, Belgium...!?! Last years we had 140+ aircooled VWs that joined the convoy, what an amazing sight that was! Join us to this unofficial season opener and break last years number! BE THERE!

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Pictures Splits at the Lake 2015

On the weekend of 26-27 September 2015, directly after our vacation, I took my little boy Justin out to the Splits at the Lake / Spijlbustreffen meeting in Nuenen (NL). We spend the night in the Barndoor, first time Justin slept in there and he was looking forward to it, all went well, we had a blast! The weekend itself was perfect with a nice amount of split buses, sun, sand and water which made it perfect for the whole family! Will be back in 2017 for sure! Thanks all!


Merchandise: AirMighty 'A GOOD LIFE' Sweaters

We added some new merchandise to our webshop! Nice, clean new 'A GOOD LIFE' AirMighty Sweaters. Thick quality for these cold winters, be sure to collect it via our webshop. As always we produced them in limited-numbers to stay unique and keep it fresh!
Available colors: Black + Grey | Size: S - XXL


Pictures Barndoor Campout #4, 2015

Here are my pictures from the Barndoor Campout #4, September 11-13, 2015 in Radcot UK. In September 2015 I drove to the UK to enjoy an nice and relaxed weekend at the Barndoor Campout #4. This isn't the biggest show but a very nice get together with like minded people. Of course we took some pictures be sure to check them out in our gallery, also we will publish a nice full show report in one of the upcoming AirMighty Megascene's.


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