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Pictures: DFL May Cruise Madness 2016

Here we have a little gallery of 100 pictures we snapped at the DFL May Cruise Madness which took place on April 30th, 2016 in Hannover Germany. This evening is hosed by the Germann Cal-Look Club the DFL - Der Fieser Luftkühlers, a club that started out back in 1998. This night is always a good get together before the big show, the May Kafer Treffen on 1st of May. During the evening they choose a 'Best Car of the Night', this year the winner was Kenneth Anno with his awesome '61 Yellow Cal-Loker, gongrats with that!
Be sure to check out the pictures in our gallery and feel free to like, share but most of all enjoy them!


Pictures: Split Buses Only Meeting / SBOM4

On April 16, 2016 it was time for the 4th edition of the Split Buses Only Meeting aka SBOM4 in Mataró, Spain. A good reason to fly over and stay with our good friend Carlos Casado from the Panscrapers and join them to the show organised by Xvier Cevera. This 4th edition was promoted good and there where a lot of participants and visitors from all over Europe that took the journey there and enjoyed the show. What a great atmosphere and brilliant location for a one day event like this! We will surly be back for this in 2018.
Check out our pictures in the gallery, we uploaded over 400! And be sure to read the full show report - story and pics - in the new AirMighty Megascene #23! Be sure to collect it now!


Pictures: VolksWorld Show 2016

What an awesome weekend we had at the Volksworld Show 2016! Loved the fact that we drove the Barndoor out to see the show! It was good to see and speak to everyone again, spotted plenty of great new cars there and enjoyed every bit of it. We made it back home safe and rolled into Amersfoort without any problems only (s)miles! Thanks to all involved and see you next year!
Be sure to check out our pictures in the gallery, we uploaded over 700 pictures from the show!


AirMighty Megascene #23 into print

Well here we go! The new AirMighty Megascene #23 is off to the printers! Thanks to the AirMighty Team and Contributors for putting together another 164 pages thick magazine including 6 stunning cars, 9 show reports and more! Stay tuned for more updates of the production process in the upcoming week!

Movie: AirMighty Carwash Night #2

Movie - AirMighty Carwash Night #2, June 4th 2016 in Amersfoort
Thanks to the Aircooled Junkies & M&A Fotografie for these cool after movies from last Saturday's 2nd edition of the 'AirMighty Carwash Night' at the MacCarwash in Amersfoort. We had a great evening, about 90 aircooled VWs and hundreds of visitors that came to check it all out. Good times, great vibes and clean cars!
Also be sure to check out the many pictures visitors took that evening on the Facebook Event Page.
See you again in October for the 3rd edition... stay tuned.

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Pictures: AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove & Freddy Files 2016

Did we had a great time on our way to and in Ninove on Sunday March 13th. We started to 'AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove' in Hazeldonk at around 10.00 o'clock with 124 aircooled VWs! Along the way our Belgian friends always hook on which made the total cruise about 145 v-dubs long... crazy, but such good fun! No problems what so ever, all went well and we arrived in Ninove for the 19th edition of the Freddy Files at 12.00 o'clock.
Because of the perfect weather it was super busy in Ninove, all parking was full and many visitors came to the city to check it out. I spoke to a lot of people, but missed many of you guys there as well and I didn't even had a chance to see all cars... there where just to many! The AirMighty Choice Award went back to the Netherlands with Arjen Dalebout for his clean Early Bay Sunroof, congrats buddy!
Be sure to check out our pictures in the gallery, we uploaded over 600 from the cruise and the show!


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Pictures: AirMighty 6th Anniversary Birthday Bash

THANKS everyone for making this a great day! Awesome turnout with almost 80 aircooled cars that filled the square to the max. With many vistors who enjoyed the show and eat over 320 butterballs, climbed the tower, watched the movie and enjoyed the good vibes it was a succes! Hereby I would like to thank everyone involved – participants, visitors, sponsors - who made this possible! We hope to see you back on March 5, 2017!


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Pictures: Kieft & Klok Hot Chocolate Party 2016

Last Saturday we visited the Hot Chocolate Party at Kieft & Klok. Always good fun, the sun was out and spoke to a lot of friends again. Missed speaking to many as well as it was so busy... but all in all we had a good time! Thanks to the Kieft & Klok crew for the hospitality and the good vibes.


Pictures: Arnhem Dub-Inn 2015

We had a very nice and autumn-sunny day at the Arnhem Dub-Inn in Arnhem, the Netherlands on October 11, 2015. We saw and spoke to many friends again! Be sure to check out my pictures in the gallery, it's a nice mixture of water- & aircooled V-dubs!


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