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Distributors List


- Fresh Kustoms


- Franz Josef Enterprises



- Scara-B


Brazil / South America

- Restaurakar


- Concept1

- AVR Import Specialties


- OberSchlachter

- Kuplapaja


- Serial Kombi

- Dream Machine

- Slide Performance

- Vintage Autohaus

- Mecatechnic


- Custom & Speed Parts

- Classic Parts Center

- Bug Box

- Käferland

- Werk34


- Michael Mancini This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- Bug Parts


- Terror Garage

- Gatot Purnama


- Maggiolino Service

- Dei Käfer Service

- Slowbug Service


- Flat4

- Mooneyes

- Garage Vintage


- Gatot Purnama


- Vier Zylindern This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- OnlyVolks

- AirMighty HQ

- Paruzzi

- Keverland

- VW Bus Brothers

- Kaag Kevers

- Kieft & Klok

- VW

- Djoek

New Zealand

- Custom Aircooled


- Hot Shop


- Garbusy


- Metrotehnica Int.

- Aircooled Parts


- Retro Custom Shop


- Dei Käfer Service


- BBT-Hotrod

- German Supplies

- Bus and Roll

- Clover Racing Parts


- CSP Sweden

- VW Importen


- Cagero


- Vintagespeed

United Kingdom

- Just Kampers

- Bluebird Customs

- Cool Air

United States


- ISP West

- Resto Bus Parts

- CB Performance

- Wolfsbürg West

- Pierside Parts Unlimited

- Autobooks


- CIP1


- Bustoration

East Coast

- Chadd Magee This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- Mid America Motorworks


AirMighty Megascene #30 is here!

The new AirMighty Megascene #30 is ready and filled with some great car and show reports! Collect it now in our webshop!

And the latest and coolest cars from our scene. An amazing Barndoor Samba who made it's debuut at the 2018 Volksworld show, the panscarping '52 Beetle, one of the cleanest '68 custom beetles, taking a closer look at an Early BBS Bay panel van, a great Cal-Look Beetle form Japan to a clean Resto-Look car from the US and to to it all off an ultra rare Puma GT R4 from Brazil... a wide range of quality!!

Shows from warmer countries like 'Big Wednesday' in California and 'Volks 'n' Roll' in Italy to the freezing 'Cold Balls Rally' in Sweden and the famous 'Monte Carlo Rally'. But we aslo take you to several Bus meetings from the Netherlands to Spain and more, much more.

BUY Issue #30 NOW

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Event: AirMighty 8th Anniversary Birthday Bash

ENG: AirMighty Megascene celebrates its 8th anniversary. We will do this by organising a meeting in the city center of our hometown Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
Parking space is limited! We can only park 75 aircooled VWs on the main square! Full is really full, so please send us an e-mail with your name and a picture of your car to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register and we will let you know if your in!!
Of course your always welcome as a visitor. There are more than enough parking garages in the center. So there is no reason not the be there!

NL: AirMighty Megascene bestaat 8 jaar en dat gaan we vieren. Dit doen we door wederom een meeting te organiseren in het centrum van Amersfoort, de stad waar het allemaal begonnen is!
We hebben beschikking over het Lieve Vrouwekerkhof en hier kunnen we 75 luchtgekoelde VWs parkeren VOL=VOL, we zullen dus met inschrijvingen gaan werken. Wil je aanwezig zijn laat dat dan weten en stuur je naam en een foto van je auto naar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!!
Natuurlijk is zo wie zo iedereen welkom als bezoeker, er zijn meer dan genoeg parkeergarages in het centrum. Dus er is geen reden om niet aanwezig te zijn!

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Event: AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove 2018

On Sunday, March 11, it's time for the Freddy Files – Ninove 2018 in Belgium! And of course we will organise the ‘AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove’. This is the 11th edition and it only keeps on growing! Are you going to join us in a convoy from the Netherlands to the old streets of Ninove, Belgium...!?! Last years we had 140+ aircooled VWs that joined the convoy, what an amazing sight that was! Join us to this unofficial season opener and break last years number! BE THERE!

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AirMighty Portfolio 2017 - Pre-Sale

The perfect Christmas Gift!
The new AirMighty Portfolio 2017 is in print, and this is all made possible by YOU our readers. We are proud to be able share your photos via the AirMighty Portfolio. So thank you to everyone who contributed!
To make sure you will not miss out we decided to start the PRE-SALE again, so collect yours now via our webshop and keep that collection complete! We will ship them out as soon as they are ready from print! THANKS for your all time support!!

Remember! As a Subscriber you will receive a €5,- discount. So before ordering the Portfolio be sure to get that subscription and never miss out again! (discount is already included in the subscription price).

AirMighty Carwash Night #4

Because of high demand ;) and everyone needs to get their cars clean again for winter storage we at AirMighty Megascene thought it was time for organising the 4th edition of the 'AirMighty Carwash Night' on October 28, 2017! Another nice evening with friends, no costs just fun in the middle of the Netherlands. Be there on Saturday evening at 19.30 o'clock. Location: the MacCarwash Calveen in Amersfoort (NL)!

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AirMighty Portfolio 2017 wants you!

Another year, another Portfolio. We all know how it works by now, and this will be our 8th Portfolio to date. Awesome! So let’s do this again; please send us your top 10 best pictures ever (via to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). These can be a unique moment comprising an artistic angle or that perfect lucky shot you made…
Send us the hi-resolution photo with the complete information (WHERE was it taken, WHEN was it taken, WHAT type of car is on the picture, PICTURE BY whoever took the shot, and tell us a little STORY about that moment to make it all complete, and an interesting photo caption.
Let’s create another picture-perfect magazine, literally made by and for you, our readers! We’re already looking forward to receiving your superb images!

AirMighty Megascene #28 is here!

The new AirMighty Megascene #28 is ready and filled with some great car and show reports! Collect it now in our webshop!

Shows like Holland’s Big Bug Show IKW Wanroij, the CSP Open House and 4th Petermax Müller Gedächtnis Rennen. The BBT BBQ and Convoy all towards the great Hessisch Oldendorf 2017! And there is more like the European Bug-In #7 in Belgium. El Prado Show and Shine, Summer Split only O.C.T.O show and The VW Classic in the USA!

And the latest and craziest cars from our scene. Looking at a late ’70 Notchback and we check out one of 45 surviving ’50 Kabs! Amazingly cool AMAG Hebmüller from Switserland, The RedBox custom Jananese Panel, Radical Fastback, cal-look style Razor Sharp Ghia, outlaw Porsche 356A from the UK and this superb cover car Okrasa ’57 Karmann Lowlight Ghia!

BUY Issue #28 NOW

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AirMighty Megascene #28 off to the printers

Here we go again! The new AirMighty Megascene #28 contract proof is looking good! Next up is the printing process! Be sure to get that subscription via and be the first to receive the latest magazine!

This edition we will bring you many big aircooled VW events as well as tha latest cars from our scene! We take you to the vintage Hessisch Oldendorf show and to some drag-race action at the European Bug-In #7. We check out the show and shine at the VW Classic and the relaxed picnic atmosphere during the El Prado weekend in the USA! Many Open-House Parties and of course there is much, much more as you are used to receive from us!

AM 'European Aircooled VW Week 2017' Schedule

AirMighty Megascene presents the ‘European Week 2017’ Schedule.
We collected all information, dates, shows and open-houses we could find for you to make sure you will not miss out on any event taking place these upcoming weeks! It's going to be EPIC, so let us guide you a little bit and see you there!
Are you ready... let’s get those engines started!!

Feel free to SHARE ✌️ #AIRMIGHTY

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AirMighty Megascene #27 in print!

Well here we go! The new AirMighty Megascene #27 is getting printed as we speak! Again thicker than normal, as it counts 172 pages with aircooled VW madness!
Of course we have the limited-edition cover for our subscribers! These will be shipped out as soon as they arrive at our HQ!

Thanks to the AirMighty Team and Contributors for putting together another 172 pages thick magazine including stunning cars, a some of the biggest show reports from all over the world and more! Stay tuned for more updates of the production process in the upcoming week!

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Merchandise: AirMighty Sunglasses

BACK IN STOCK The AirMighty Megascene Sunglasses are back in stock. Now available in 4 colors (BLACK, WHITE, GREY and RED). Visit our webshop now, collect them while you can, and your ready for another aircooled VW summer season!

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